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    The Editor's Desk: What does the Budget really tell us?

    In this episode, Alec Hogg and Felicity Duncan dig into the Budget, asking what message Cyril Ramaphosa and Tito Mboweni are sending investors and what that means for South Africa. With all the bad news so clearly and honestly laid out, how will Ramaphosa entice investors? And what will happen if he fails to do so? They also look at the latest news on Tesla - it's a mixed bag, with a strong quarter undermined by news of a criminal investigation into the company's production figures. They also chat about South African entrepreneur Brian Joffe and his take on BEE.

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    The Editor's Desk: KPMG and VBS - another day, another scandal

    The folks at KPMG complain, sometimes, that their critics (including Biznews) are unfair and too quick to pass judgement. But evidence has emerged that KPMG played a role in facilitating the VBS bank heist. Add this to the auditing firm's role in a laundry list of scandals around the world, from state capture in South Africa to shenanigans at Carillion in the UK, and you have a distinct picture of an organisation with some real ethics problems. Obviously, this is not to say that everyone who works at KPMG is on the take. There are many hard-working and honest auditors there - some even appear in the VBS story, trying to raise questions about the bank's books during the audit process. But with so many problems and so many scandals, it's getting very hard to believe that there is not some kind of rot at KPMG, or at the very least, a desperate need to revise ethics controls and start to take these issues seriously. In this episode, Alec Hogg and Felicity Duncan talk about KPMG's role in the VBS heist. They discuss the lessons that the seeming failure of Saudi Arabia's investment push has for South Africa and they reflect on the upcoming Uber IPO.

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    Sub Saharan borrowers unfazed by Emerging Markets turbulence

    There are advantages to coming off a low base. As their financial sectors start catching up to the world’s more sophisticated markets, Sub Saharan African countries have been growing their global borrowing presence. So how have they been impacted by recent rocking of the Emerging Market boat through the well documented crises in Argentina and Turkey. Here’s Nanagolo Phiri, co-head of the debt financing group at RMB...

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    The Editor's Desk: The VBS scandal, Zuma, and the Limpopo ANC

    The VBS Bank scandal dominated news headlines this week and in today's episode, Alec Hogg and Felicity Duncan break down the latest we've learned. We look at the role ANC leaders in Limpopo played in facilitating the scheme and explore the possible links between VBS and the Zuma family. As the details of this astounding and massive heist continue to emerge, South Africans can expect to see serious political and legal consequences. We also take a look at the latest in Steinhoff news - this time, evidence of insider trading by disgraced former CEO Markus Jooste - and discuss the recent turmoil in stock markets.

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