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    We won't see a repeat of Bell Pottinger - PRCA's Francis Ingham

    It was just over a year ago, that the PRCA had made the extraordinary decision to expel Bell Pottinger from the organisation amid the dodgy work it did for the Guptas. What followed thereafter was the complete collapse of Bell Pottinger.

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    The Editor's Desk: Digging inside the Investec banking/AM split

    Investec is splitting up into a London-based asset management business and a South Africa-based bank. It's an unusual move in a sector that prizes size and synergy, yet the share price has reacted favourably to the news. In this episode, Alec Hogg and Felicity Duncan dig into the Investec announcement and ask why it happened and why the markets seem to like it. They also discuss Apple's new product line and look at why South Africa is falling behind the rest of Africa in the investment race.

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    Investec Asset Management's John Green on China, state of SA

    Green - who is currently the Deputy CEO of Investec Asset Management - tells us more about his latest trip to China and a strategic agreement that was signed. He also gives us his views on the current state of the SA economy.

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    The Editor's Desk: SA is in recession, but what can we really do?

    With South Africa officially in recession, the government is talking up the possibility of a multi-billion rand stimulus package to restore growth. But how realistic is this? After all, the rand is weakening, the country is already carrying a heavy debt load, and tax revenues are falling. In this episode, Alec Hogg and Felicity Duncan discuss the constraints that the ANC-led government is ignoring and the global context for SA's capacity to stimulate the economy. While a stimulus package would be great, it just seems very unrealistic. They also look at events in Russia and reflect on how South Africa managed to avoid getting too far into bed with a dangerous foreign power.

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